Towards an update for Avengers Assemble Flight Force ?

24/07/2022 | 2 minutes
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Only a few days after Avengers Campus Opening, the first impressions on Avengers Flight Force are mixed. The attraction, based on the old RNRC infrastructure and ride track, seems a bit unfinished for visitors and fans which were able to discover the new version. They’re not the only ones to express their disappointment however. Disneyland Paris and TWDC executives who were able to test the new ride reportedly expressed their severe disappointment on the ride. Chapek and D’Amaro were reportedly disappointed with the overall quality of the experience. After a good waiting line and a pre-show which are creating big expectations, the spatial adventure fighting kree missiles is not meeting Disney standards.

The executives have good reasons to be disappointed, the opening of another Avengers roller coaster, Cosmic Rewind, themed on the Guardians of the Galaxy IP, has been just months ago at EPCOT in Florida. The adventure, also going on in space, is way more immersive and successful, giving an important comparison to the ride just delivered ad Disneyland Paris.

WDI and DLP are reportedly already working on a refurbishment of the ride, coming in the next few month, in order to enhance the global experience. We still have no details on that 2.0 version of Avengers Flight Force, but it seems that the chosen options may contain adding more screens, perfecting the effects already in place and adding diverse other effects.

No date for that refurb has been confirmed yet by our sources, but it seems that the closing may intervene at the really early 2023, during the off-season going on from January to march.

The question of the responsibility in intern for the delivered ride is on the table and the different parties which took part of the creation and construction seems to reject the fault on each other. Our sources, interrogated on the subject, rise to our attention their disappointment and the fact that that failure is due to an insufficient budget. They’re telling us that Disneyland Paris, the client of Imagineering, has been alerted months ago about this issue and was too slow to react. One of our sources is telling us that it’s in any way time to find the responsibilities, but to act and to find solutions to enhance the ride asap.

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